Web Development

Web Development Programming LanguageWeb Development, the gears that make your web design function, is what differentiates static websites from dynamic ones. To stay ahead of the curve drumBEAT Marketing has recruited the very top talent in the web development field. We use the same programming languages as popular websites like Facebook, Zappos, Vimeo, iStockPhoto  and more.

At DrumBeat we are riding on the crest of the technological wave, and we aren’t looking back. Come with us, refresh your website, and refresh the way the world will see your business. Come with us to the 21st century of Web Development!

DrumBeat’s staff is trained in the language of the web, and we have worked hard to stay on top of the latest trends. Don’t get left behind! In today’s market, your website says a lot about your business! Make sure you are saying what you want to say, and that you are reaching the right people, by contacting us today!


drumBEAT’s back-end web developers work with every content management and eCommerce system available to offer your business the most effective tools on the web for managing your online business. When it comes to CMS web development, our developers offers unparalleled proficiency in Drupal, WordPress, and ExpressionEngine development having perfected our code with hundreds of builds across the business spectrum from straightforward content management sites to massively complex nonprofits. Everything we code is internal, drumBEAT’s developers are based out of Houston, TX.

We Will:

  • Develop a website for you, based on your company’s needs
  • We will help you find your target market, through our search engine optimization
  • Rise above the competition, with our powerful SEO

Web DevelopmentProgramming Languages:

  • Linux
  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • SSH
  • PHPMyAdmin
  • Plesk
  • jQuery
  • Javascript
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