Social Media Marketing

The Marketing in Social Media

Social media marketing is marketing that promotes website traffic from various social media platforms. Content in social media marketing should be dynamic and attract attention in aims for users to share it through social media outlets.

Different platforms of social media
drumBEAT Marketing can utilize the tools necessary to increase your company’s online presence in social media.

Advertising, public relations and marketing all come together in social media marketing on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Google+ and blog content.

Social media has become more accessible with the rapid growth of internet usage. It is important to invest in social media marketing to increase online invisibility and create a more well understood brand that consumers can interact with.

By providing a fast track to the consumer with the use of social media, your company can find the consumer’s needs and wants with ease and minimal cost. drumBEAT Marketing can help your company by analyzing and strategically creating content (marketing) that can optimize that fast track.

With increased communication between your target market, improved customer service, higher brand awareness, engaged consumers, and increased traffic will soon follow. The intensity of the feedback that is provided with social media networking cannot be bought with search results.

drumBEAT Marketing, located in Houston, Texas, not only works diligently to improve your social media marketing stance, but also makes your content a priority. With drumBEAT, you can find out who’s saying what about your company, and utilize it to maximize the personal connections between you and your consumers.

At drumBEAT we can determine what platform of social media is best for your company, as well as analyze the results to understand what we need to better for you. We are constantly devoted to thinking about your company’s online placement to increase your Google ranking, and optimize the traffic that goes to your company’s social network.

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