Internet Marketing

Your website, or for that matter your online brand, shouldn’t be created and then thrown out into the online abyss to flourish on its own. When it comes to creating a lasting online presence, you’ll find that careful consideration and upkeep of all of your online marketing channels is the only way that you will continue to attract an online audience, which ultimately leads to generating new business.

What can Internet Marketing do for my business anyway?

There are a few elements to the way we take on internet marketing at drumBEAT. First, we encourage businesses to create websites with an idea in mind that they are creating platforms to generate new business. That being said, we want a way for not only any business owner to update their website and content regularly through a website built around a content management system, but also a way to regulate their reputation online through social media. All of this can be done with Internet marketing.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Your online reputation can be developed either through your company’s website, reviews or by the use of social media. While many see social media as a cost effective way to put your company out there for exposure, it can’t just stop there. Strategizing how your company will remain effective through your select social media channels is not only necessary, but crucial to how effective any lead generation from these channels will be. According to a Social Media Examiner study released in 2013, more than half of marketers who have been using social media for at least 3 years have reported that it has helped to improve sales. And to sweeten up the social media deal, this report also states that at least 78% of participants found that as little as 6 hours of investment in social media created an increase in traffic to their website.

Kind of major stuff when you think about the power that social media can have on your business. With the proper care and control, including meticulously planned social media campaigns, you can find a way to

What do Content Management Systems do for my business?


to track the amount of business a website actually generates.

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