Pay Per Click

What does pay per click mean?

Pay per click is also referred to as PPC.
Using drumBEAT’s pay per click service can increase your business by providing new leads for future purchases.

Also known as cost per click, pay per click is an advertisement and traffic building tool that is normally listed within the first few results at the top of a search. It uses bids on keywords and is a paid form of ranking your website.

When the advertisement or link is clicked, the advertiser pays the site owner, hence the name pay per click.

Fierce keyword rivalry is one reason way pay-per-click advertising can be beneficial. If you know that you are are ranked below your top competitor, your company can gain quick access to the customers you may be losing because of placement.

Pay per click advertising can also be very cost efficient, as the only payment made is when a user clicks on the link to the company’s site. And with drumBEAT Marketing’s expertise, your company can attract more customers and more revenue.

Besides being cost effective, pay per click advertising has also proven to have a higher return of investment than any other form of online advertising. New websites looking to prove themselves can take the expedited trip to the top to gain merit and a customer base with pay per click advertising.

Pay per clicks lead to high traffic which in turn lead to recognizable and testable results. The higher number of users that click on your site can lead to new leads and prospects. The benefit to your company is that the customers searching for related keywords will already be interested in what you’re selling, and you have the complete control over the campaign.

As experts in the search engine world, we can help you determine which strategies are right for your pay per click campaign. At our Houston, Texas firm we are attentive to managing your pay per click advertisements.

We can handle the copywriting services for your ad campaign should you want us to, and we will take care of your conversion tracking, that is, we will track the amount of clicks turn into actual purchases.

When you choose us to work for you, we will not leave your valued input behind. We want to work with you in a joint effort to make the value of your company increase, even if its just through pay per click advertisements alone. We have the tools and tricks to turn “clicks” into prospects and customers.

We will work hard to move you forward. Learn more about our team and our online expertise by calling (855) SEO-HERE.

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