Competition Analysis

Competition Analysis with drumBEAT Marketing

Competition analysis will provide statistics of your online competitors.
drumBEAT’s competition analysis will provide you with a well-rounded evaluation including social media placement.

For a company to be successful, the must be knowledgable of their strengths and weaknesses, their opportunities and threats. Also, to ensure their value and position in the marketplace, that same company must know the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of their competitor. This is known as competition analysis.

Within the realm of search engine optimization, we at drumBEAT Marketing analyze your competitors online traffic to ensure you stay a step ahead.

Why is Competition Analysis important?

Companies are constantly measuring how they stack up next to their direct competitor and just like in any other area of business, the same can be said for online marketing. Because placement above other sites that have similar keywords is so important, it is crucial to have a consistent competition analysis, and at drumBEAT we ensure that your needs are taken care of.

Whether the competition comes from niche markets or keyword rivalries, it is important to evaluate where they came from, where they are and where they are going so you can be ahead of the curve, and you can come out on top- literally.

How will competition analysis benefit my company?

Any evaluation of the competition is going to give your company the advantage, but taking it a step further by surveilling your competition is what really makes us stand out. We don’t just stop at web content, we extend our services to make sure that your social media placement is above your competition as well.

By obtaining a competitor profile, you can not only find out who your competitor is, but you can begin to process the way they operate and, in turn, be able to calculate their move. What the competitor is doing is a major part of your company’s strategy, especially in online marketing, so don’t get left behind.

Why choose drumBEAT Marketing?

As a complete online marketing firm located in Houston, Texas, drumBEAT Marketing has the ability to cater to your entire search engine optimization needs. Within the realm of competition analysis, we monitor the choices you’re making and how they stack up against your competitor, and vice versa.

Together we can make your company ahead of the rest in our abilities to create valuable content, increase shareability and constantly review your’s and your competitor’s content. drumBEAT will help you visually analyze your competition so you can fully understand the extent of what needs to be done.

We will work hard to move you forward.

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