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Click to Call Tracking Services

Consumers are increasingly tied to their smartphones. Now more than ever, consumers have access to product or service information that can lead them to making a decision on the spot. One way to take advantage of this is a Click-to-Call feature. This feature allows a smart phone to automatically dial your number by simply clicking on it.

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Using a Click-to-Call link reduces the time and effort it takes someone to contact your business directly. They can instantly call your business to make a reservation, order a service, or get more information without having to memorize or write down your number.

How will Click-to-Call Tracking help your business?

Click-to-call tracking helps your business build historical information on how customers or prospective customers use this dialing feature within your mobile campaign. The information gathered from Click-to-Call tracking will help you understand how consumers engage with your mobile optimized webpage or advertisement. After reviewing data you can make decisions on where to place your click-to-call actions and how to effectively budget for the clicks your receive.

DrumBEAT Marketing can help you design and gather information on a mobile optimized campaign that makes it easy for people to get information about your business quickly so they can act fast.

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