Famous logos and the brands they've created.
Branding goes far beyond logos- It is the message conveyed from the companies behind the logos.

Branding is the highlighting of a company’s name, logo, image, design or a distinctive element that the company will use to differentiate itself and promote business. Branding is often thought of as what a consumer thinks when they hear your company’s name or see its logo; the message your company conveys.

It is merely establishing your company’s identity, the whole package from price, to PR and advertising, to values, mission, history and story. It is a consistent summary of everything your company has ever done and every feeling it has ever evoked in a consumer.

It is the product’s culture and personality.

Why is branding important?

Branding is important for your company because it revolves around building an idea that your customer can recognize and trust, and it revolves around the perceptions built on that idea. This brand association will communicate to your consumers what the product is about and what your company stands for.

The use of brand strategy is one way to attract new customers with the simple knowledge that your brand or product exists without having to buy it beforehand to discover its value. The trust that is put into your company adds value to the consumer and they become loyal customers. Here at drumBEAT Marketing, we can help you develop your brand strategy.

How is it beneficial to your company?

Loyal and valued customers plump your brand reputation by seeing your company as the only one to help them or solve their problem, and pass that perception along to others. When successfully implemented, the result of this brand awareness is merely business that is supported by new and existing customers.

drumBEAT Marketing has the branding tools to develop or reinforce the positive associations of your company. Having your company stand out from the rest because of a concise corporate identity will give it the competitive advantage.

Why choose drumBEAT Marketing?

drumBEAT Marketing, located in Houston, Texas, works diligently to facilitate the growth of your business by strategically positioning your company based on the wants and needs of your customers. We know how well branding and marketing go together. We can help you implement a strong branding services and strategies, and intensify it daily by managing your brand.

Together we can determine what qualities make your company or product unique, and highlight them as a way of connecting with the consumer.

Effective branding with drumBEAT will deliver your company’s message that will establish and confirm the credibility of your company or product while connecting with your customers to establish brand loyalty.

We will work hard for you.

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